1) One very important and often overlooked thing to consider when hiring a Videographer for your Wedding. DO YOU CLICK?


Looking for the right Videographer for your Wedding can sometimes lend itself a little more work than anticipated. This is your big day. Your moment. You want it to be captured in a beautiful, artistic manner. Compelling and emotional. You visualize a video that can make you laugh or cry in the future when you want to reminisce. Of course, you must love the style of the Videographers work. You’ve checked out some of their videos and your pleased with what you see. You felt something watching it. Ok. It’s official. I’m hiring this Videographer. Woe, slow down there. Don’t rush into things too quick here. Have you met your Videographer? What is his or her personality like? Do you mesh well? You do know your going to be spending the entire day together right? A videographer might have an absolute amazing filming style, but what if their personality downright sucks? You want your big day to be filled with good people. Kind people. Helping and considerate people. One thing a couple should really think about is meeting with the Videographer for a cup of coffee at a Starbucks or the like. Get to know one another. Feel it out. The most important thing here is DO YOU CLICK? This can go a long way in helping you choose which Videographer to hire for your special day.