Not Hiring A Wedding Videographer Is Bride's Biggest Regret


We hear it over and over again. The Bride’s number one regret after the Wedding day was not hiring a Videographer. Photography has always been the norm. Theres usually little to no discussion about whether or not you will hire a Photographer. This is pretty much mandatory for any Wedding. It’s your big day! Of course you want something to remember it by! While Videographers have been around for a while, it is in todays modern world where couples are seeing these highlight videos of Weddings on Youtube and thinking.. hey.. these videos are beautiful! The artistic and cinematic nature of these highlight videos are breathtaking. We have heard so many times that a couple will book their Videographer at the last minute with any spare money they have left. We personally feel that Videography should be a priority. There are very few days in our lives when we wear our hearts on our sleeves like a Wedding day. Emotions are bursting at the seems. Hugs, kisses, tears and laughter. A photo doesn’t give the Bride the same dimension of actually watching the Grooms reaction during the first look. You get to hear what was said in that moment. You get to actually re connect with that special place and time. You may be thinking, well, many of the guests at the Wedding will be filming footage on their iphones or handy cams. That should be good for video footage! Truth is, mobiles phones and camcorders won’t give the same quality that a professional camera can give. This is a film that the couple will want to treasure for the rest of their lives. We think it’s worth allocating some funds to hire a professional Videographer for your Wedding. Your special day deserves stunning footage.

Brad Proulx