The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald


Located in the heart of central downtown Edmonton, the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald offers its customers a unique and memorable experience to say the least. We recently had the great opportunity to make a corporate style film catered to the food and beverage staff, and it was an all around great experience. The majority of the day consisted of filming interviews of the wonderful staff and also gathering cinematic b-roll shots of the passionate bartenders, chefs, caterers, and management. The food and beverage team refer to themselves as ‘heartists,’ which nicely sums up the amazing service offered at the Hotel Macdonald. The staff not only ensures a warm welcome to each and every customer, but uses the smallest of details and refinements to really bring your hotel experience to life. You can truly feel the warmth and heart of each and every staff member as they try their very best to accommodate your needs, whatever they may be. With 5 stunning dining venues, and a 10,000 ft2 banquet, it is safe to say that the interior space and atmosphere is nothing short of spectacular in all regards. Thinking of having your Wedding at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald? We urge you not to think too hard about it as we can guarantee space, atmosphere, and staff to be up to par for even the highest of standards. With an epic view of the river valley, the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald is also a great spot to go out for some cocktails with some friends after work to enjoy the view and ambience of the hotel.


 We would like to invite you to take a look at the film we have made for the food and beverage team at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald below. 




Glass Vision Media 

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