Top 5 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Videographer


1)         Do You Have Any Sample Films From Past Weddings?

If you haven’t yet seen the quality of product being delivered by your potential Videographer, then you should definitely ask for some sample films from past Weddings that the Videographer has done in completion. This is an excellent starting point in determining if you would like to work with this Videographer. If you are already blown away by the quality of work after the first or second film, then it’s safe to assume that we can take this discussion further. Liking the style of your Videographer’s work comes before anything else. If you see that the work the Videographer does is very amateur and doesn’t match the vision you have in your head, then it’s time to get in contact with another Videographer. Plain and simple.


2)          What Equipment Do You Use To Film Wedding’s?

Don’t get me wrong here... A Videographer doesn’t need to have the very best of the best high end equipment in order to make a stunning, memorable Wedding video, but there are a few things you should ask prior to hiring your Videographer. If you have this vision about a video shot soaring over the crowd at the Reception, well, then you better make sure your potential Wedding Videographer has a drone in order to get that dream shot. What kind of drone is it? It is one of those cheapie knockoffs from Walmart, or is it a drone that will ensure a beautiful clear image on your special day? Is your potential Wedding Videographer going to be using any form of stabilization for the camera in order to get those smooth, buttery shots you see on professional Wedding films? How will you capture the speeches audio? Do you have lapel mics that can clip onto the Groom and Priest for the Ceremony? Audio is very important for Wedding videos. Does your potential Wedding Videographer have any special lighting equipment for when lighting is scarce at the Reception?  Determining what equipment your potential Videographer uses to film Wedding’s will ultimately determine how professional his or her services are. If you can check off this list with a big YES, well, then your well on your way to finding that Videographer for your special day.



3)         How Do You Go About The Post-Editing Process?

It’s important to not only see your potential Wedding Videographers work, but to also familiarize yourself with how the Videographers post-editing process works. This will be different for each Videographer, but it is reassuring to know that your Videographer knows what their talking about, even if it’s kept brief. You may ask things like, what program are you using for editing? What is your favorite editing trick that you use in a lot of your Wedding videos? How do you find the best music in order to enhance our film? If your potential Wedding Videographer can give you a brief introduction to his or her post-editing techniques, and sounds very knowledgeable on the subject, then you are one step closer to finding the right Wedding Videographer.


4)         Is The Music Used In Our Wedding Film Copyright Free?

I cannot stress this one enough. It is something that not many couples think about when hiring a Wedding Videographer, but it is very important. If you are wanting to share your Wedding Highlight Film on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or any other social media platforms, then you will need your Wedding film to have Copyright free music in it. I have heard numerous times of couple’s Wedding videos being taken down off the internet because of not having Copyright free music in their film, and instead having a top 40 song that is surely not Copyright free. The internet can easily scan the music used in your video and has full control over deleting your shared video at any given time if the music is not Copyright free. Ask your potential Wedding Videographer where they source their music. Is it Copyright free?! Make sure.


5)         How Much Do You Charge? What’s Included In Your Package Options?

Of course budget always plays a big role when hiring a professional Wedding Videographer. You might really like the film style of this one Videographer, but then you realize their Highlight Film alone is going to cost you an arm and a leg. The idea here is trying to find a Wedding Videographer than can capture something beautiful and artistic, but also offers a price that’s reasonable and within your budget. It’s safe to assume that if your Videographer is charging $200.00 Wedding packages, then it might not be as professional as you may think. It’s not necessary to spend an absolute fortune on a Wedding Film, but keep in mind that quality speaks for itself. Find a budget that works for you while also being pleased with the Wedding Videographers work. Find out different package options and make sure you clearly know what each package entails. One package option might be much better suited for you depending on your wants and needs. By giving your potential Wedding Videographer the agenda of your Wedding Day, he or she may be able to offer a package they think would suite you best, and from there you can inquire about some other package options as well.   


Brad Proulx