Top 5 reasons to hire a videographer for your wedding


1)         You can easily relive and reconnect with the atmosphere and emotion of your big day

Pictures are such a great way to capture a Wedding. They have the power to convey emotion, stir feeling, and rejoin memories that were almost forgotten. While photos are an irreplaceable part of capturing a Wedding, videos tend to offer that extra something. We like to think of photos as a foreground; a door per say. A video is initially that door being opened and the viewer walking into that world, that atmosphere. A photo can speak a thousand words, but a video can speak a thousand emotions. You can easily relive and reconnect with the atmosphere and emotion of your big day.


2)         The big day is a busy day and the couple might not have been able to partake in certain parts of the day

A wedding day is filled with so much activity that it can be hard or almost impossible for the Bride and Groom to witness each and every little thing. Hiring a Videographer for your Wedding can give newly married couples the chance to go in depth of what they may have missed. The Bride will be able to witness the atmosphere of the Groom getting ready and vice versa. The Bride and Groom will be able to more intimately see their friends and family enjoying the day in a natural manner. A wedding Videographer can initially create a new and lasting memory that may have been missed on the couple’s big day.

3)         Sharing made easy

With modern technology being able to compress videos yet still keep amazing quality, it’s no wonder that video has such a tremendous online presence. It’s so easy to share a Wedding highlight online with friends and family. Having a video gives your friends and family that could not attend the chance to step inside the atmosphere of the day. They can see the final kiss. They can feel the emotion as the instrumental music softly plays in the background as the couple has their first dance. They can witness the first meet like they are there in person. With a video, sharing the emotions from your wedding day has never been easier.  

4)         Do You want a beautiful, well rounded, creative, artistic, cinematic video of your big day? You got it.

Hiring a Videographer really means you are hiring a creative artist. You are hiring someone to take all of the raw clips from your big day and somehow combine them in a way that stirs emotion and tells the story of your day as it was in its natural entity. A videographer will find the best royalty free music to compliment the story, and will naturally make the viewer laugh or cry as a result. A Videographer can tell your special days’ story through motion, sound, and a creative outlook.

5)         Family and Friends and Memories

Most Weddings are accompanied by close loved ones and best friends. Capturing memories through video is the closest we can get to reliving a day; a moment. Seeing our friends and family on video and how they have changed and grown can be such an incredible rush of emotion. Recapturing a vision of our loved ones on that day that are sadly no longer with us is surely priceless. Hiring a Videographer can lend many special moments down the road when you feel like cuddling up on a couch with some tea and watching family and friends and memories come alive again.

Brad Proulx